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Here are my breeds: Sweaters (Ray Boles, Bruce Barnett) Kelso (cardinal) Hatch (Col Givens, McLean)                 

        Greys (Joe Goode, E.W.Law) Butchers (Charlie Carr) Brown red (Charlie Carr) Butcher Greys

        from a friend that is my winning line!




BB Sweater Kelso Hen

2X Winner Lemon

Johnnie Jumper Line Kelso

4 X Derby Winner Brood Cock Kelso (CC) and a sweater Hen (Dink fair)

Law Grey Brood Cock

Sweater (Ray Boles)

Pure Lacy Roundhead

Col Givens Brood Cock

Givens Cock and Harold Brown Hen

Oscar Akins YL Hatch Brood Cock

The Butcher-Grey winning line!

My Brood pen

Sweater-Gold line

Brother to the sweater gold